Get Noticed

A couple years ago(ish) my family spent Christmas at Disney World. We had just moved to Florida and we didn't know anyone, so we though it would be a fun and different way to celebrate. Just us and about a billion other people (umm). We spent ALL day Christmas and December 26th.

Now December 26th is my birthday. No ... it's not a great day to have a birthday. In fact, it's a horrible day to have a birthday (except for the first one ... and that was necessary). Typically it comes and goes with very little fanfare because we are all so busy celebrating Christmas, which frankly is THE BEST! Well, when we got to the gate to pick up our passes, they somehow knew it was my birthday. They gave me this big button to wear while I was at the parks. While my kids tried to die, I put it on. After all .. it's my birthday! Why not?

Why not? is right! It was HUGE!  Everywhere we went, Disney World employees wished me "happy birthday!" During the parades they came over and greeted me. During the Star Wars show ... they stopped and greeted me! It was AWESOME! I can honestly say I have never had so many well wished on my birthday! The discounts it provided were sweet, too.

So what does that have to do with Market Diva? Well ... pretty much everything! Market Diva is a unique store where you can find your voice and wear it. Whether with a shirt or an accessory, you can find something that will make people stop and comment, laugh or smile. I am living proof that it's fun to be noticed and have people stop and say "hi" because of a message you are wearing. Try it!

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