Wear Your Unique Voice

What the heck? What does it mean to "wear your unique voice"? 

We had just moved to a new town and my husband wore this T-Shirt when our family went to the Fair. Now we've moved a lot and it's hard to start new conversations and connect with people. When it happens it is a blessing. There have been days my girls are like, "Mom .... why do you talk to the lady at the checkout. Just pay and leave." Little do they know that the only people I have to talk to ... are the check out people ... besides them! Sometimes a person craves a little variety!

So we are walking through the Fair and ... let me just say ... this shirt is a sensation! Vendors comment how they should have it (chuckling ... it's toward the end of a 3 week run) and people stop to laugh and say a couple words.  It was FUN!  Really fun. 

So when I say, "wear your unique voice." I mean, start a conversation with what you're wearing. Speak through your clothes or accessories. Life gets so serious and our culture gets so crazy ... why not bring a little personality to each day?

Share with your friends. If you have ideas you want on shirts or accessories ... let me know. I can so hook you up! Let's make this a community of people who don't take life so seriously they can't laugh at it!

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